Communication Coaching


Accent modification can help those who wish to improve their English communication skills by developing a deeper awareness of the American accent and learning how to be a more effective communicator. My accent modification program includes highly personalized instruction on how to use the American English accent at all levels of language and settings.

Classes can be one-on-one private sessions or small group classes (2-6 people) and can be offered in a variety of formats:

  • 16-week program: Clients meet once a week for coaching sessions with each session lasting an hour. During the first session, clients complete a formal speech assessment, then meet for 14 instruction sessions. During the final week, clients complete a re-assessment to measure progress and determine areas of future study. Typical areas targeted during this program include: English pronunciation of consonants and vowels; syllable stress; prosody and word/phrase stress; speaking rate; intonation; and conversational English.

  • 8-week program: This program is similar to the 16-week program, but it is designed for clients with fewer speech and communication needs.

  • 1- to 3-day Bootcamp: This program offers intensive training for individuals with limited time or those within the group/corporate setting.

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Communication training within the corporate setting may include accent modification for non-native English-speaking professionals, dialect modification for native English-speaking professionals, public speaking and oral presentation skills, voice projection and vocal health, and cross-cultural communication training to improve understanding and cultural awareness between professionals from different countries and cultures.

Corporate communication training can help employees thrive and grow within your business and organization, and these services can benefit a wide range of industries including:

  • Hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, and home health care agencies

  • Biotech, pharmaceutical, and information technology companies

  • Small business owners, banking and investment professionals, and academic instructors

I offer a variety of class options to best meet the needs of each site:

  • One-on-one and small group classes: Accent modification classes that meet for 16 weeks, 8 weeks, or a 1- to 3-day Bootcamp

  • Large group seminars (2-3 hours in length): English Pronunciation Seminar and Voice Projection/Oral Presentation Skills Seminar

  • Large group seminar-style classes (each class is 1 hour and meets for 4 weeks): English Pronunciation; Voice Projection/Oral Presentation Skills; Cross-cultural and Interpersonal Communication Training

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voice projection and oral presentation skills training

Learn how to project a clear and confident voice in the most stressful of settings - the Oral Presentation. Voice projection and oral presentation skills training can teach you techniques to improve the strength, quality, and clarity of your voice, and help you to conquer the anxiety of public speaking.

A person’s voice is closely tied to his or her identity, and because of this, voice training can be highly personal and emotional. This may be especially true if you have experienced the frustration of having another person interrupt you or talk over you in a group meeting, or maybe no one in the group appeared to be listening to you when you spoke. Professional voice users, like actors, broadcasters, and teachers, may also benefit from voice training to learn how to boost their vocal skills and develop lifelong healthy voice habits.

My voice projection and oral presentation skills classes are designed to teach you how to use a voice that captures attention and keeps your listeners focused on you and what you’re saying. This program will teach clients how to:

  • Speak clearly and confidently with a voice that sounds dynamic and professional

  • Use more natural speech rhythm, voice inflection, and cadence

  • Properly care for the voice and use efficient voicing techniques that won’t harm the voice

The format of these classes depends on the specific needs of the client and can range from a single 2-hour session up to a 4-6 week class.

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Please note: The services provided by San Diego Voice and Accent are not clinical, and thus, clients do not receive any type of speech-language diagnosis or participate in any speech-language therapy.