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English Pronunciation Training for Professionals


Helping people speak clearly and be understood -- the first time.

I specialize in accent reduction, speech and communication training within the workplace, and public speaking and presentation skills. My courses benefit those who have a foreign accent as well as native English speakers who wish to reduce their regional accent. All of my courses are customized to your individual needs, and they can be taught within a wide range of settings including private lessons, small groups, and large group seminars.

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Areas of Practice

accent reduction

Accent reduction can help you speak English more clearly and sound more like a native English speaker. My accent reduction program includes extensive initial and final evaluations and personalized instruction sessions to teach you how to use the American English accent while at work, at home, or in social environments. This program can benefit people who speak with a foreign accent as well as native English speakers with regional accents.

corporate speech training

Communication training within the workplace may include accent reduction for non-native English-speaking professionals, dialect modification for native English-speaking professionals, public speaking and presentation skills, and cross-cultural communication training to improve understanding and cultural awareness between professionals from different countries and cultures. My corporate communication programs are highly versatile and can be customized to the needs of your site.

Everything becomes a little different as soon as it is spoken out loud.
— Hermann Hesse

public speaking and presentation skills

Learn how to project a clear voice and fluent speech in the most stressful of settings. Public speaking and presentation skills training can teach you the techniques to improve the strength, quality, and clarity of your voice so that you can lead a conversation with confidence. My course can enhance both your professional speaking skills as well as your social skills and interactions.

So make your spoken words meaningful

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